Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Author Cometh!

Rejoice, dear readers, your beloved savant has returned from a perilous journey into the darkest reaches of this place we call earth. The post box has been inundated not only with the usual letter of adoration, but with increasing amounts of frantically scribbled notes no doubt from desperate souls with nothing left to lose, begging for the blog entries to continue. Alas dear readers my apologies shall flow forth like a torrent of remorse washing over rocks of despair. You see friends, due to the myriad of talents in my possession, and unrivalled detective skills, i was called upon by the WWF ( no not the Gladiatorial extravaganza of sports formerly known as the WWF, you buffoon!) to launch upon an animal welfare mission unparalleled in human history. Yes that is right i have been asked to help a walrus find his bucket.

As you can see the evidence i was presented with, while heart wrenching, was meagre with regard to clues. I knew i was going to have to harness all the powers of mind and sharpen my already keen senses. What was required was to harness the deductive
powers of Sherlock Holmes and Charlie Chan and channel the "assertiveness" of Dirty Harold Callaghan to sleuth this infernal riddle. Where could i search for such an invaluable treasure? The peaks of the Himalayas, the Welsh coal mines, the Bermuda Triangle? After consulting with many experts throughout the globe, i was at my wits end. My reason was being consumed like logs burning in the fires of frustration. After much meditation the Sparrow Prince appeared before me and presented me with a riddle as to where i may find the location of the sacred bucket of the walrus, who's name was revealed as "the lolrus" to me by the Sparrow Prince. This is the riddle:
"Humble narrator listen now,
if you wish to know where the bucket is found,
its place of rest is far away,
and nearby is the place where the windies play,
in this zone there resides no sheep,
and this secret you must keep,
the area for which your quest you make,

is geometrically triangular in shape"

And with that the Sparrow prince made haste his exit and i was left wondering where my journey would take me next. Dear readers, my simple plea is this, any assistance as to the solution of this riddle is paramount. Comment to this very blog the solution to this infernal riddle!


Charlene said...

I think i have found the bucket.... is it at the bermuda triangle???

Jarius VII said...

Eureka! I will leave promtly to undertake th enext stage of my search, reports will be posted to this blog. Farewell mystery woman, i am eternally in your debt, whoever you are.....